How long is the Lease Period?
All Tenancy Contract are signed for a period of 12 Months, unless specifically mutually agreed between the Parties.

Do I Need to sign the Tenancy Contract
Yes, Its Mandatory by Law to register your Contract with the Government Department

How much do I need to Pay Security Deposit
Tenant are required to pay 5% of the Rental Value or minimum an amount of AED 2,000 as a refundable deposit.

Who will Pay the Municipality Fees
Tenant has to pay tie Municipality Fees for Ejari/ Tenancy Contract.

How many installments do you accept for the rent?
We accept maximum of 4 installments to be paid equally on first date of the Quarter. However, in certain circumstances Landlord may allow more than 4 installments, as per the discretion of the Landlord.

How long would it take to release the Tenancy Contract?
It takes 3 to 7 working days from the Date of Payment to release the Tenancy Contract.

What are the facilities available in each property that you have?
In General, we have a Maintenance Team. Security Guards and CCTV Camera in all our Buildings in General.

Is there any charges for Bounced Cheque
Cheque if bounced for any reason, company has right to collect an amount equal to amount as mentioned in Tenancy Contract.

What’s the penalty for breaking the contract?
In the case of Early Termination of Contract, early termination charges equal to an amount of 2-months Rent shall have to be paid to Landlord.

Do I need to visit the office for Renewal
No, Tenants are advised not to visit the office, you can make a request thru our mobile application or website login and our Customer Representative will follow and shall update you accordingly.

How Many Days before Do I need to request for Renewal
90 days before the expiry of the current contract, Tenants are advised to contact the Company for Renewal

Do you accept “Family Sharing/Bachelor” type of Tenant?
Our Buildings are Only for Families. However, in some of our buildings, we also accept Corporate Executive Bachelors on certain terms and conditions.

Are you giving free-month rental period?

What is the procedure for terminating the tenancy?
2 Months Notice to be served in writing, all Payment must have to be paid in Advance, have to pay Final bill of Utility (DEWA/SEWA/FEWA) Organizations and handover the Key after checking the Move Out Inspection by our team and before processing for claiming for Security Deposit.

Does Your Staff could help us in Move In and Move Out
No- Staff is not allowed to involved in Tenant Moving in or Out of Tenant stuffs.

How Tenant could be avoided from any legal issues
To avoid any Legal issues, Kindly make all your Cheques Payments on Time without getting them bounced and make the renewal of the contract before the stipulated time to avoid any legal discrepancies.

Sharing allowed or not?
Sharing is not allowed. However, in certain circumstances family may be allowed subject to prior approval of Management.

Are your buildings “Chiller-Free”?

What are the official emails of the company?
For all your leasing and maintenance queries, please send email to leasing@anrg.ae.

Do you accept Credit Card?

What is the procedure for terminating the tenancy?
The tenant has to give Notice for vacating the unit at least 60 days before the expiry of the Contract.

What is the procedure for terminating the tenancy?

Do you accept a tenant from a broker?
Yes but only from our approved brokers only.

In case of language barriers, what are the nationalities available in your Customer Service?
We have English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam staff available for giving personalize Customer Service.


How How do I request maintenance or service from facilities services?
Preferably to make a request by our Mobile App or Website for any of your maintenance requests or less preferably send an email at leasing@anrg.ae

How do I know the status of my maintenance request?
You May log in to your website account or Mobile App and can see the updated status.

What repair and maintenance services are billable?
Customers are charged for discretionary requests for services that involve non-routine work, building alterations, renovations, improvements, additional services, and requests that are outside the scheduled routine.

What repair and maintenance services are not billable?
Our dedicated team is responsible to keep the building and its Unit in good condition including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems for buildings including its service rooms and common areas. However, it doesn’t include are residence halls and most athletic and auxiliary facilities.

I am planning to move out. How do I request a move-out?
Complete a request form on a mobile application or website for making a request for move out. Kindly also check your agreement to know more about the terms and conditions for move out.

Can I make renovation in my apartment?
Renovation if a change in the structure of the unit will not be allowed. For any other change, you need to get in writing confirmation from Landlord otherwise you will have to bear the cost of reconstruction as well as a fine for the same.

What is your response time for services?
For all emergency issues like Fire or Water Leakage, our staff readily available. For Painting, Carpentry work, and for other general maintenance requests, 48 hours after approval.

Is there any extra cost for urgent services?
Yes, customers are charged for discretionary requests for services that involve non-routine work.

Do all of your technical staff who visit carry identification?
Yes, all of our employees are issued with company I.D and they wear company uniforms at all times.

What are your standard payment terms?
Payment to be made in advance for any chargeable maintenance work.

How do I report facility maintenance (urgent concern) emergency?
Call the Government Facilities Service Center at 04-2666595.

Is there emergency maintenance?
When it comes to safety, Facilities Services makes protecting lives and property on priority basis. For situations that require immediate attention, please call the Facilities Service Center at 042666595. Examples of emergency maintenances include but not limited to Running water, Flooding, Standing water/liquid on the floor, Raw sewage spills, Overflowing toilets, Backed-up drains, Shattered windows, Fire etc.


Where are your properties located?
Our Buildings are located in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Ummul Quwain. You can refer to our Property Page for Building locations.

What is the office timing?
We are available from 9:00 to 6:00 pm

Do you accept Credit Card?

Does Your Staff could help us in Move In and Move Out
No- Staff is not allowed to involved in Tenant Moving in or Out of Tenant stuffs.

Do you allow Pets in the building?
No, we don’t allow Pets in our building.

Is Smoking Allowed in the building?
Smoking is not allowed in the Building Premises including in your flat or common area. For Smoking please used outside building premises.

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