Property Management


ANRG Property Management firmly believes that landlords ought to be able to receive top quality comprehensive property management services. Therefore, our main target is our prospective Landlord satisfaction and building a long term sustainable relationship with them via our experienced team of over 15 years value record market experience of managing over 1,500 units not just in UAE but also in UK and Tanzania.


Our mission is to set the standard of high performance and manage residential and commercial properties for the success of our clients while ensuring all of our residents have the best quality, most comforting and affordable living experience possible. The key to our growth and prosperity is a direct result of our exceptional management team and together we strive for excellence and to ensure the success of our client, the well-being of our properties and the future of ANRG.


Our vision is to continue to be the property management company of choice, providing full service and care to our clients, properties, and to our team members by setting the standard in the multi-family housing, property management, and development industries.


ANRG Leasing team is a fusion of the vast experience of industry veterans and the vitality of the young blood, which blends to give superior Property Management and Consulting services to both domestic and international clients.


Our specialty is to provide comprehensive segment reporting to our clients, advising them how to generate best possible return on their investment based on our market research and studies of our professionals.

We offer extensive property management services across residential and commercial properties in the UAE including Apartments, Hotel Apartments, Villas, Bulk Units, Offices, Warehouses, Labor Camp, Showrooms, Retails and Building Management.

We not just take care of your Leasing services but also offered a comprehensive services for facility management and thus we take care of all your property maintenance issues as well.

Our Property Management Packages are for your review.

Welcome Kit

E-Mail Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Local Publication Advetisement

Web based Advertisement

Brand Marketing Signage, boards, etc.

Show the property

Advise on appropriate rent

Filter potential tenant

DEWA coonection and cooling connection assistance

Property inspection upon moving in/out

Collect details of potential tenants

Collect relevant Tenants documents

Create on organized filling system

Rent collection and Handover

Collect security deposits

Prepare lease contracts

Prepare reports

Status of the building

Occupancy levels and availabilities

Monthly financial statement

Expense report

Deposit return to Tenant

Coordinate moving in/out

Collect required docs for moving in/out

RERA Compliance

Handle maintenanace Requests

Get Quotations

Process maintenance work and completion

Manage facilities and service contracts

Prepare monthly management statements

Move in Prepration (paint, clean, Pest Control)

Run regular visit to the property

Annual Maintenanace check up

Regular updates with service charges and pay on behalf

Coordinate with facility management company of the

Collect all the Final Bills

Advise in neightbors disputes

Advise on notices received from goverment

Advise on notices received from local authorities

Attend meeting with the client

Review of lease agreements

Reconciliation of rental income and deposits

Review of maintenance contracts

Inspection of new Properties

Police Case of Checque Returns

Dispute Resolution

Review of maintenance contracts

Advisory on cases and sections deemed (Subject to Addtional fees)

Handle legal cases (Free of charge No Roots charge)

However all autward Legal charges to be paid by the

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